The importance of vacuüm insulated piping in cryogenics.

Vacuüm insulated piping or simply vacuüm insulation or vacuüm piping form the basis of almost all cryogenic infrastructures. These double-walled pipes ensure that cold liquid gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, argon, ... can be safely transported without heating up (evaporating), losing their liquid form and therefore reducing quality.

This innovative technique provides the best insulation for cryogenic transfer lines and applications. For example, vacuüm insulated piping make the connection between a tank and an application and consist of different diameters depending on the flow rate to be transported.

The pipe often consists of parts that are made in advance according to drawings and are often custom made. To guarantee optimal performance, vacuüm insulated piping is made with the utmost care. They are equipped with mylar foil that prevents heat leakage. As well as compensators that absorb the shrinkage in temperature difference between the outer and inner pipe. All air is sucked out between the two walls with a vacuüm pump, creating a thin vacuüm environment. This creates a pressure difference between this environment and the outside air, and surrounding heat remains outside.

Compared to other types of cryogenic insulation, vacuüm insulation takes up relatively little space. The diameter of vacuüm insulated piping can be kept small, and applications also require relatively little space. This makes vacuüm insulated piping ideal for use in small spaces.

Vacuum piping as a safe and reliable solution

The case for vacuüm insulated piping is clear. This technology has a small footprint and is designed to be a secure and reliable solution. Vacuüm insulation is the most ideal form of insulation for cryogenic infrastructures. Vacuüm insulation also makes any cryogenic infrastructure better. Do you want to know why and are you curious about the benefits of vacuüm technology? Please contact Cryo Dam!

Cryodam's wide range of cryogenic freezers with vacuüm insulated piping has a suitable solution for every application. We strive to bring top quality to your product or service. Producers with high quality requirements find us as their partner. Do not hesitate to contact us and we may be able to provide you with a no-obligation quote to make your project a reality.

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