Industrial Services

Service by CRYO DAM:

  • Electrical and mechanical construction of process and control cabinets
    • Design of wiring diagrams by Eplan
    • Construction of process & control cabinets
    • Flow units for a wide range of gases
    • Single and redundant CO² gas dosing units
    • Laboratory flow technique and piping
    • Measuring, Monitoring and Management
  • Electro mechanical assistance
    • Fault Analysis
    • Adjustments and repairs according optimization, security, accessibility, durability.
      • Electrically
      • Mechanically
      • Pneumatically
      • Hydraulically
    • Maintenance
      • Usage and load based maintenance: Preventive maintenance performed by running hours
      • Condition based maintenance: preventive maintenance based on predefined criteria
      • Defect based maintenance: maintenance performed when defects or malfunctions occur
    • Installation and wiring. Electromechanical assembly of machines, controls, etc.
    • Process & Measurement
      • Process automation of temperature, flow, pressure, etc.
      • Displaying your current and future controls
    • TIG Welding & Construction
      • Stainless steel piping, frame work, sheet metal
      • Refurbishment
      • Surface treatment of stainless steel machines suffering from rust, lime and etc.

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